Grants for Black Business in Birmingham, Alabama

Magic City Match is a small business resiliency pilot program for City of Birmingham Black Business owners, which addresses the need for increased access to resources and capital to bridge the wealth gap:

  • Feasibility and Business Planning – Technical assistance for entrepreneurs with viable ideas; 
  • Real Estate Consulting – Support for entrepreneurs navigating the real estate process, including deal structuring and access to capital and other design/construction resources; 
  • Design Assistance – Allows entrepreneurs to hire architects and budget for construction; 
  • Capital – Connection to lenders and grants to fill the start-up capital gap.

Thanks to everyone who submitted an application!

All applicants have been notified via email.

2022 Magic City Match Recipients

Recipients of the 2022 Magic City Match grant are:

  • Heather Skanes, Oasis Women’s Health, $100,000
  • Lavoris Williams, L Williams & Associates, $50,000
  • Alisha Jiwani, Nia Benefit Corporation, $50,000
  • Alexis Kimbrough, Herban Soul Cafe, $25,000
  • Jay Johnson, Johnson Media Group, Inc. DBA: College Prep U, $25,000
  • Joi Iman Gresham, Joi Iman, $25,000
  • Andre Williams, Madd Studios, $25,000
  • Cameron Crummie, MDV, $25,000
  • Krystal White, Property and Pipelines, $25,000
  • Martrell McGinnis, Rid-A-Bug, $25,000
  • LaTisha Fletcher, Sankofa Inc, $25,000
  • Ursula Smith, Ursala Smith Company, $25,000
  • Corey Whatley, Woodlawn Bar & Lounge, $25,000

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Program Process

1. Application Period
2. Cohort Selection
3. Business Academy
4. Grant Recipient Selection

1. Application Period

The Magic City Match program is looking for Black business owners who are ready to be part of a cohort.

The application period ends at 11:59pm on Friday, March 4, 2022.

2. Cohort Selection

A Community Selection Committee will review applications and select 25 individuals to participate in the inaugural Magic City Match cohort. Cohort participants will be notified on April 3, 2022.

3. Business Academy

The MCM Cohort will participate in an 8-week Business Academy led by Dr. Alice Gordon Holloway, CEO of Skye Connect, Inc. Each 90-minute session focuses on the business tools necessary to put business owners in a position to achieve short term success and long term sustainability.

Each participant will receive a $500 stipend upon selection to the cohort, and an additional $1500 upon completion of the Business Academy and other established milestones. Participation in the Business Academy is mandatory in order to move forward in the MCM program.

4. Grant Recipient Selection

Upon completion of the Business Academy, the goal is for cohort members to have the tools they need to prepare a presentation for the Community Selection Committee, which will review each and then award cash grants to (13) cohort members, distributed as follows:

  • Ten (10) grants up to $25,000
  • Two (2) grants up to $50,000
  • One (1) grant up to $100,000

Grant awards will be announced on June 17, 2022.

2022 Magic City Match